Water Damage

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Flood and water damage require immediate care; the longer you wait the more danger you and your family face. Sunlight fine Rug Care & Restoration offers fast thorough treatment when this occurs.

Our expert staff arrives quickly to evaluate water-damaged areas with sensitive moisture detection equipment and then begins the following procedure:

First we remove all standing water from carpets and flooring using a hot water extraction system.

Next, we apply sanitizers to all affected surfaces.

In case of wall moisture, we dry the inner cavities with advanced air-injecting technology. This system uses warm air to dry the walls from the inside out, eliminating the need to completely remove and replace sections of the wall.

We set up an aggressive drying environment of high velocity air movers and low-grain dehumidifiers.

The faster you contact us the sooner we will be able to restore any water damage.

After the damage

We dry and thoroughly clean your carpet and pad, re-stretching it if necessaryIf you choose to replace your carpet, we will rip it up and prepare the surface to lay a new one

No job is too small or large — whether it’s a 2’ x 2’ area of damage or an entire building your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Emergency Tips for Water Damage

  1. Be extremely careful around electrical outlets and appliances
  2. Turn off the water source; if you are unable to do so, call us for assistance.
  3. Contact our Emergency Service Department at 1-888-810-8120  Our trucks are equipped to deal with all water damage-related emergencies and we will be on our way to help within minutes.
  4. Do not try to remove heavy, wet carpets yourself. You may cause further damage to the carpet or injury to yourself.
  5. Move any valuables in the flooded area to a dry and secure location.
  6. If there is furniture in the wet area, place blocks under the legs to raise it above the water level.

Flood Cleanup

After having a major flood or any kind of water damage, it is mostly important to clean the area well, enough, so no moist will remain. Which usually, will allow the growth of bacteria and mildew.

At Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration we leave you with a dry area and a sanitize one.

By using air blowers and cleaning methods that will kill all germs. and bacteria.

If needed, and your padding is wet, and infected we will rip it out, dry the area and wash the rug. All will be disposed and clear out

For every water damage / flood we perform a fully sanitation process.In most of the cases your rug can be saved, however if we feel that the rug has been damaged severely and became a hazard, and if we think that is best for you to rip it off, we will advise you as condignly.

Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration are among the fewest companies that are professional to deal with water damages, and flooded areas iIn a residential or commercial scale.

Sanitizing disinfecting and mildew treatment are one of the most important final treatments. in water damage or flood., if not most one’s.

Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration. will assure you and your family members, that your healthy environment will retain as normal as it was, as fastest as possible.

Using A: step by step well cared detailed sanitation process.

We will spray all the infected areas with antifungal and germ bacterial spray.

that will bring back the space to he’s clean healthy natural Environment.

by that we will prevent the multiplying of all feces and germs.

All mildew on the walls will be clean and disinfected.

All areas including walls, floors, rugs, and infected furniture will be treated and disinfected with and finally will be sanitized.

At the end we will deodorize all the area with kill odder.

By doing all the steps mentioned above, we assure you 100% satisfaction.

Sun-Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration always guarantees the work to your full satisfaction.

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