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Own an antique, expensive, and valuable tapestry that you would like to pass on to your next generations? Want to get it cleaned or restored? Well, restoring tapestries is a challenging task that only experienced service providers can perform efficiently.

The tapestries include patterned cloth that is either stitched or woven. The inclusion of materials like wool, chenille, cotton, and silk make tapestries an expensive yet classic item to own. Ancient, contemporary, jacquard, or hand-woven, regardless of the kind of tapestry you have in your home, it is imperative to capitalize on the supreme tapestry restoration techniques to maintain its grandeur.

Tapestry Restoration – Giving a New Life to Your Timeless Asset

Is your tapestry hanging in an elevated position? If yes, then it might be susceptible to heat and smoke damage. Its delicate fibers may get damaged with time. Even excessive cleaning can weaken its structure. In order to prevent and resolve these problems, look towards expert tapestry restoration services. Our careful, well-implemented restoration methods can help you treasure your tapestry items for the years to come.


Before going for tapestry restoration, it is critical to determine the condition and structure of the tapestry fabric. Our methodical approach gives us a better idea of every yarn, fiber, and material that is a part of your tapestry. Our tapestry restoration specialists may also conduct a number of safe, gentle tests to locate the flaws in your tapestry.


The tapestry restoration procedure involves dry vacuuming to make your tapestry free of dirt and soil. We strive to apply minimum force on your tapestry’s loose weaves to prevent further damage. We may have to use the dry sponge cleaning method to remove additional soil.


We rely on effective, risk-free cleaning procedures to treat your delicate tapestries with care. Our utilized pre-conditioners, solvents, solutions, and other cleaning and restoration tools are in absolute accordance with industry standards. This not only minimizes the risks typically associated with tapestry damage, but also enables us to maintain our quality services that we’re recognized for.


Quick, complete, and efficient drying is important to avoid fabric shrinkage, wrinkling, browning, color bleeding, and other issues. We utilize safe drying procedures to ensure the best results in the minimum possible time.


We use a well-built, strong restoration frame to fix your tapestry on. This frame consists of two flat and parallel wooden rollers that are set on two beams.

Once we’ve identified burnt, faded, and worn out, and other damaged parts of your tapestry products, we determine the level of restoration they need. To tell you the truth, while some tapestry products require a few restorative touches, others have to go through extensive procedures to get their beauty back. Our vast experience makes us proficient enough to come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

It is a good approach to avoid manual cleaning procedures for your beautiful tapestry products. You wouldn’t want to damage the exclusive beauty of your antique pieces, would you? Our specialized and dedicated team is able to treat your tapestries with care and love.

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