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New York City is, without a doubt, one of the most captivating and enticing tourist attractions on the planet. If you plan on moving here or you have been living here for many years and you are looking for expert cleaners to help with your stained carpeting problems, deep cleaning for upholstery, Oriental area rugs, draperies, emergency water damage, moth repair, or rug dyeing solutions, give us a call. We are your go-to experts in wall-to-wall cleaning solutions and we have been catering to the needs of people in all New York City boroughs for more than two decades.

While we are busy cleaning your Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Manhattan two-bedroom apartment, or your 5-bedroom house in Staten Island or Westchester, you could plan a cool trip around the city to recharge your batteries or simply remind yourself why you have chosen to live here in the first place.

Without further ado, here is a quick top 5 must-see places in New York list that we think you might find helpful.

Top 5 Things To See In New York City

With an impressively large number of cool activities to do around the city and tons of emblematic buildings to visit, you have zero chances of ever feeling bored here. Here are five of the most popular must-see NY destinations that you might want to include on your itinerary next time you want to go out and about in the city.

#1: Visit The Statue of Liberty

If you are ready to revisit an architectural wonder in New York City or visit it for the first time, you should plan a boat ride to Liberty Island. You will not only get to snap some cool photos for your Instagram feed, but also admire the true majesty of the Statue once the boat will slow down when passing it by. The Statue of Liberty audio tour will also reveal a few intriguing facts about the statue representing the Enlightening the World, which was a gift of friendship that the French decided to present to the American people. It is regarded as the universal symbol of democracy as well as freedom. The statue has also become a National Monument in 1924 and it has been restored for its hundredth celebration more than three decades ago, on the 4th of July, in 1986.

#2: Central Park

Go by foot, bike, rent a carriage, rent a pair of slides or put your roller-skates on and get ready to take in the serenity of this green and lush park located at the heart of the city. Central Park is 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles in width, and it expands between the Upper West and the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Central park is the 5th largest park in NY by area, but it is the most popular and visited of them with around 38 million visitors who choose to come here every year. It is also the most commonly filmed location on the planet and with so much amazing ground to cover (more than 840 acres), you could dedicate an entire day to a visit here.

#3: Climb On Top Of The Rock Observation Deck

If you haven’t visited the Rockefeller Center yet, make sure you plan a trip to the top of the amazing skyscraper there. You will be admiring the breathtaking view over the entire Manhattan once you will reach the Rock Observation Deck. Don’t forget that coming here from October to April means also enjoying the outdoor skating rink located at the very base of Rock Observation Deck.

#4: Explore The Empire State Building

One of the most impressive landmark buildings in NYC and also another Art Deco skyscraper wonder, the Empire State Building is 102 stories high and it is found in Midtown Manhattan. The roof of the building measures 1,250 feet and you can plan a visit at one of the two observatories available at the top of the building. Grab your camera and get ready to oversee Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts on a radius of around 80 miles, if the weather conditions allow it.

To reach the 86th floor and get to the highest open-air observation deck in the city, you will have the chance to hop on a high-speed elevator and enjoy an unforgettable ride.

#5: Check Out Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was officially opened in 1883 and it is famous for offering access between Manhattan and Brooklyn to bike riders, pedestrians, as well as motorists and even trains. Brooklyn Bridge should definitely be a part of any list of must-see places in New York as it is an irrefutable NYC symbol, as well as a design jewel which displays a spectacular view of the New York skyline.

Get ready for an iconic walk of half an hour across the bridge and prepare your camera as the views are stelar and the architecture of the bridge is truly unique and worth your attention.

Whichever of these epic New York must-see places you might choose on your day off, make sure that you put on your most comfortable shoes as you will have a lot of walking to do. Give us a call and let us schedule a wall-to-wall carpeting cleaning job for you today!


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