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A rug that has been in the family for years and one that was recently purchased both need to be kept clean, vivid, and odor-free. Consumer-grade products can make stains worse. Washing rugs in the machine can cause colors to fade. Excessive vacuuming can tear fringe and fibers.

A professional rug cleaner picks up, inspects, grooms, and delivers rugs back to you good as new. The use of state-of-the-art equipment, used by technicians, safely cleans machine-made, custom-bordered, Wilton, Karastan, hand-knotted artisan, and Persian oriental rugs cleaning.

At-home cleaning or lack of sanitation can result in the following problems.

  • Burrowed insects
  • Color fading and bleeding
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Lingering pet odors
  • Mold and mildew
  • Premature wear from excessive soil
  • Shrinkage
  • Torn surfaces
  • Weakened structural integrity

There are also health threatening issues that at-home cleaning cannot address adequately. They are bacteria, viruses, dead skin, and dust mites. A square inch of carpet or rugs can have as many as 200,000 bacteria.

The norovirus can survive for a month or more in uncleaned carpets and rugs. Approximately 1.5 million skin flakes are shed by a person every hour. They become embedded in rugs and carpet and provide nourishment for dust mites.

Types of Rugs Professionals Clean

A professional rug and carpet cleaner can clean all types of rugs. They include flat weave rugs which are a category of their own. Flat weave rugs are Aubusson, dhurrie, kilim, Navajo, and soumak tapestries that are made of synthetic, silk, or wool fibers.

Some rugs require delicate care and should never be machine-washed. They include Oriental, Persian, silk, and wool rugs. Braided and tufted rugs also need to be professionally cleaned from time to time.

Cleaning Procedure

Expert technicians have a standard process used to assess and treat rugs and carpets to ensure customers get the best care for their floor coverings. They perform a detailed pre-cleaning inspection and list recommendations for cleaning.

Every rug or carpet is evaluated to determine the dyes and fiber used in the construction and the condition of the rug or carpet. Following the evaluation, a customized cleaning process that is specific to the needs is used.

An analysis is done to determine areas that may require particular attention. The technician will vacuum the rug or carpet to loosen any debris or soil. Spots and stains are pre-treated. The safest method, based on the condition and material, is chosen.

Topical treatments that are needed or requested are applied. The technician grooms the rug or carpet until a uniform appearance is achieved. Rugs are hung in a humidity-controlled drying room to limit the risk of shrinkage or color run.

When the rug is dried, it is re-inspected to ensure it meets the high-quality standards of the professionals. The process will be repeated if the technician is not satisfied with the condition or appearance. Rugs that are taken to the cleaning facility are rolled up and wrapped to keep them clean and fresh. Well-cared for rugs stay in the family for generations.

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