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Warps – these are the strings that stretch between the beams and on which the knots are tied. Cotton is mostly used for warping as it is simpler to weave straight; flat rug using cotton warps than wool warps. However, where cotton is not available especially among pastoralist communities wool is used instead of cotton.

Weft – this run across the rugs width. They go under and over the warps and in between knots. Wefts are usually made of silk, cotton or wool. They hold in place rows of knots and strengthen the rugs structure.

Knots – tied by making loops of yarn round paired warps and cut the standing end off. The knot ends make the rug nap or pile.

Edge bindings – several warps are wrapped at the rug’s edge together with yarn to make the edges of the rug strong.

End finishes – hold wefts and knots in place so that they do not work off the warp strings of the rug. The edge of many rugs has woven selvedge at the ends.

Fringes – This is done by gathering warp strings into bundles and then knotting them. This is done after removing the rug from the loom. Knots in these warp bundles keep knots of the pile. They also provide tight finishing at the end of the rugs.


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Quality rug care is essential for the upkeep of any New York home and Haim Shemesh at Sunlight Fine Rug Care & Restoration does not disappoint. I highly recommend them!

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Gabriel J. Letizia, Ph.D

“Dear Haim,
It has been so very busy here, thank God, that I never had the chance to formally thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you and your team did with our rugs and sofa. I know when a job is superior and such is the case, much to my surprise, upon entering the apartment after you completed the work.

Thank you again – you will ever be our service provider etc…“

Sunlight Customer, Oriental Rug Cleaning

A few weeks ago, I had Haim Shemesh clean my sofa & I was very pleased. He was professional, the price was reasonable & my sofa looks brand new again!

Sunlight Customer, Oriental Rug Cleaning

I had Haim Shemesh from Sunlight clean all my area rugs. He did a fabulous job! They are all handmade Orientals and he took them to a place that soaks them in a tub and hand washes them the way it’s supposed to be done. They look so much better and brighter Haim came to my apt to give me an estimate, took the rugs, then delivered them back to me a week later. He even helped me set them back up, including moving furniture around to do so. Prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend doing business with him!

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