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Cheap and affordable possibilities exist for rug cleaning, NY in the third most populous state in the nation. The affluent state offers many opportunities for the rug cleaning business here, catering to the residential and commercial locations in and around New York. They maintain the highest standards for the upkeep of the most loved floor covering. The rug cleaning companies are scattered over the length and breadth of the state, making their assistance readily available at every beck-and-call.

Rug cleaning, NYuse the most modern techniques to do up the rugs, thus elongating their life span by several years. Crafted out of any material, wool, jute or man-made synthetic fibers, the countless rug cleaning services are well equipped to do a thorough job and give your pieces of floor textile a tantalizing new look. They have honed their expertise to pay personalized attention to every type of weave or extra embellishment of the rug, such as embroidery. Oriental, hand woven or antique pieces that are either wall-to-wall covering or smaller in size, are in good hands when being handled by companies in New York.

A phone call away, rug cleaning, NY will swarm into your place at the blink of an eye and are ready to take care of every unforeseen circumstances should any occur. Besides the basic cleaning, the companies are adept at carpet restoration, stain removal, repairing, stretching and dyeing. On-location and off, cleaning projects are undertaken as per the convenience of the client.

The qualified technicians of rug cleaning, NY leave no stone unturned when going about their tasks. The total professionalism exhibited by the staff is something to be marveled at. The hand-picked staff is a dedicated lot, only sent to the field after rigorous training in the skills involved in cleaning-up of rugs, carpet and upholstery and on-the job-experience under close supervision.


What our Client Say’s

Actor Alec Baldwin

Quality rug care is essential for the upkeep of any New York home and Haim Shemesh at Sunlight Fine Rug Care & Restoration does not disappoint. I highly recommend them!

United States

Gabriel J. Letizia, Ph.D

“Dear Haim,
It has been so very busy here, thank God, that I never had the chance to formally thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you and your team did with our rugs and sofa. I know when a job is superior and such is the case, much to my surprise, upon entering the apartment after you completed the work.

Thank you again – you will ever be our service provider etc…“

Sunlight Customer, Oriental Rug Cleaning

A few weeks ago, I had Haim Shemesh clean my sofa & I was very pleased. He was professional, the price was reasonable & my sofa looks brand new again!

Sunlight Customer, Oriental Rug Cleaning

I had Haim Shemesh from Sunlight clean all my area rugs. He did a fabulous job! They are all handmade Orientals and he took them to a place that soaks them in a tub and hand washes them the way it’s supposed to be done. They look so much better and brighter Haim came to my apt to give me an estimate, took the rugs, then delivered them back to me a week later. He even helped me set them back up, including moving furniture around to do so. Prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend doing business with him!

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